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L.A. Engagement
I had a great weekend flying into L.A. to shoot this couple's engagement photos. We happened to make it to all predetermined locations in one day, with some unpredictable traffic, but beautiful weather. In the morning we shot with a clear blue sky in the L.A. Arts District. After a quick lunch we caught the sunset at Malibu Beach followed by a tourist packed "Urban Lights" at the LACMA.
Photographs of Brandi Kupsky's most recent sculptural titled "Balance" . This series of images capture the debut into a natural space along the coast of Lake Michigan Photographed on location at Kohler Andrae State Park. Sculpture produced & constructed by Brandi Kupsky of Audifax Design http://audifaxdesign.com/ Location details 43.657208, -87.721967 | 43.666817, -87.717719 | 43.666396, -87.717802
Corporate Headshots
Corporate head-shots I photographed for internal employee profiles and professional LinkedIn accounts.
Restaurants | Photo
Interior and exterior images of three Milwaukee restaurants.
Styled photography used in ads, catalogs, and blog posts.
Product Photography
Various examples of product photography using natural light, budget lighting, and studio strobes.
State Of Mind | Hawaii
Some images from hiking I did around the island of Oahu.
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