2017 Logos
A few logos I had the opportunity to design this year.
L.A. Engagement
I had a great weekend flying into L.A. to shoot this couple's engagement photos. We happened to make it to all predetermined locations in one day, with some unpredictable traffic, but beautiful weather. In the morning we shot with a clear blue sky in the L.A. Arts District. After a quick lunch we caught the sunset at Malibu Beach followed by a tourist packed "Urban Lights" at the LACMA.
Mindbody Wellness
A Modern redesign of MKE MindBody Wellness's logo.
lululemon Third Ward
Photographs of the scuplture "Balance" created by Brandi Kupsky.
Wood Crate Fridge
Art direction & production for vinyl wraps and mockup presentation.
Corporate Headshots
Corporate head-shots I photographed for internal employee profiles and professional LinkedIn accounts.
Logos & Marks
A collection of logos & marks.
Restaurants | Photo
Interior and exterior images of three Milwaukee restaurants.
Boelter | Bud RfP
A mock catalog communicating product availability and capabilities presented with an RfP to AB InBev and its sub-brands.
Marketing Material
A set of flyers made in advance of the 2015 Craft Brewers Conference in Oregon. Marketing materials were updated to follow new brand guidelines, higher quality images & mockups, and revised to better use the page space.
Digital&Print | CyberMetrix
For CyberMetrix, I worked to create a standard brochure layout for Adobe InDesign that their in-house marketing team to utilize. Additionally, they requested a graphic for a digital presentation that communicates the various parts of their business.
PSD SmartObject Mockups
Virtual prototyping is an important step when trying to sell an idea, but equally important to the designer that must create artwork for a multi-dimensional medium. As a side project, at a previous employer, I took the initiative to create time-saving Photoshop mockup templates. The embedded Smart-Objects reflect the actual die-line dimensions allowing seamless drag-n-drop functionality.
BridgePort | Glass Dev
The evolution of a pint glass design for BridgePort's Conviction Pale Ale. Primary logo assets were initially provided and I offered decorating ideas based on the brand image.
RedHook | Glass Dev
A proposed design for RedHook's Audible Ale inspired by their existing packaging design.
Styled photography used in ads, catalogs, and blog posts.
Illustration | MadMan
An illustration developed from a description of a customer's grandfather.
Product Photography
Various examples of product photography using natural light, budget lighting, and studio strobes.
Goblet | Glass Design
Proposed glass design for Stella Cidre's American Marketplace.
Product Design | Brooklyn Brewing
Design a custom shape bottle opener utilizing the brewery's logo mark as the primary focus.
State Of Mind | Hawaii
Some images from hiking I did around the island of Oahu.
Sleepwaukee // A 16mm Project
An experimental film project observing the life of a beach during the day and night. 16mm Bell & Howell "Filmo" Kodak 7266 Tri-X Reversal Film developed and telecine scanned at University Wisconsin-MIlwaukee
Lino Personal Project
A series of typographic, monotone prints, carved from lino block.
Skirp // Motion Graphics
Open and closing title sequences for videos published online.
Skirp // Promotional Video
A video presentation and promotion done by volunteers in an infomercial style.
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