Mindbody Wellness
A Modern redesign of MKE MindBody Wellness's logo.
Logos & Marks
A collection of logos & marks.
Boelter | Bud RfP
A mock catalog communicating product availability and capabilities presented with an RfP to AB InBev and its sub-brands.
Marketing Material
A set of flyers made in advance of the 2015 Craft Brewers Conference in Oregon. Marketing materials were updated to follow new brand guidelines, higher quality images & mockups, and revised to better use the page space.
Digital&Print | CyberMetrix
For CyberMetrix, I worked to create a standard brochure layout for Adobe InDesign that their in-house marketing team to utilize. Additionally, they requested a graphic for a digital presentation that communicates the various parts of their business.
Social Media | Promo
Product promos created for use on Facebook and Twitter. A model format did not exist, so it was my responsibility to determine how to photograph product, retouch images, and design the ad layout.
BridgePort | Glass Dev
The evolution of a pint glass design for BridgePort's Conviction Pale Ale. Primary logo assets were initially provided and I offered decorating ideas based on the brand image.
RedHook | Glass Dev
A proposed design for RedHook's Audible Ale inspired by their existing packaging design.
Goblet | Glass Design
Proposed glass design for Stella Cidre's American Marketplace.
Product Design | Brooklyn Brewing
Design a custom shape bottle opener utilizing the brewery's logo mark as the primary focus.
Coding+Design | Blog Makeover
A proposal to reformat a standard blog post. Prototype created primarily in Google Chrome's HTML editor to work within coding limitations with variations visually tested in Photoshop.
Letterhead + Business Card Design
Letterhead and business card design prototype for Hidden Sands Brewing company.
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